Faculty of Agriculture provides theoretical courses and laboratoroy work as well, such as laboratory, experimental garden, and greenhouse. Laboratory work is aimed to make students understand the course better and  able to implement it visually so that they, after finishing their study, can interact in social life. Besides, the Lab Work is also carried out in experimental garden and greenhouse on jalan Bambu Kuning, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta.

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The activities of the Laboratory work carried out in experimental garden and greenhouse are as follows:


  1. Basic Lab Work – principles of agronomy
  2. Ornamental plant and Flower Plantation
  3. Sociology Lab Work
  4. Soil Fertility and Health Lab Work
  5. Tissue Culture Lab Work
  6. Plant Ecology Lab Work
  7. Plant Biochemistry Lab.Work
  8. Plant Physiiology Lab Work
  9. Harvesting and Processing of Agricultural Products
  10. Basic Lab Work – principle of agrogeology
  11. Praktikum Lab Work
  12. Fruit Plantation Lab Work


  1. Agricultural Microbiology Lab Work
  2. Botanical Lab Work
  3. Seed Technology Lab Work
  4. Principles of Plant Protection Lab Work
  5. Genetics Lab Work
  6. Land Conservation and Aquatic Lab Work
  7. Vegetative Breeding Lab Work
  8. Vegetable Plantation Work